Art & Champagne

“Art & Champagne Events by YACHT BAR: Elegance, Creativity, and Luxury”

Experience ultimate elegance with YACHT BAR during our “Art & Champagne” event planning service.

We offer you an unparalleled experience for your receptions, cocktails, private parties, events in your restaurant, gallery openings, or even the launch of a new product.

The “Art & Champagne” evenings by YACHT BAR embody an exquisite fusion of chic, glamour, luxury and tradition, enriched by the presence of renowned artists. They transform your events into unforgettable moments.

Our “Art & Champagne” events are the result of a unique collaboration between talented artists and renowned champagne houses, giving rise to exclusive art collections and live artistic performances.

“Art & Champagne by YACHT BAR” offers you an incomparable sensory experience with the tasting of three variations of champagne: brut, white and rosé.

We create a tailor-made scenography to highlight the works of art presented during your event.

In addition, our live artistic performances add a dynamic and captivating dimension to the whole.

Witnessing the creation of a work of art live is always a magical and memorable moment for your special audience.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can host your next “Art & Champagne by YACHT BAR” event.

Let us make your special occasion a truly unique and refined experience.

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