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Caviar Beluga Malossol, an exceptional culinary treasure, invites you to dive into a universe of gastronomic luxury. Synonymous with sophistication and absolute pleasure, this caviar is recognized as one of the most prestigious in the world.

Derived from the Beluga sturgeon, a rare species that evolves in the purest and coldest waters, Malossol Beluga Caviar seduces with its generous, pearly and melting grains, offering an extraordinary taste experience.

Each pearl of this caviar reveals delicate and subtle flavors in the mouth, mixing buttery, slightly salty notes and a delicate touch of hazelnut. Each tasting is a real sensory experience that enchants the most demanding palates.

The traditional "malossol" method of maturation preserves the integrity of the grains, creating an exceptional taste subtlety. Refined in optimal conditions, this caviar fully unfolds its delicate flavors.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in every jar of Caviar Beluga Malossol. Hand-selected, our products come from farms that respect the environment, guaranteeing unparalleled quality.

Beluga Malossol Caviar deserves a presentation that lives up to its grandeur. Served on crushed ice in a silver or mother-of-pearl container, accompanied by soft blinis and fresh cream, it shines with a thousand lights on special occasions.

Embodying the timeless culinary heritage of the gastronomic elite, Caviar Beluga Malossol is an essential choice for caviar lovers seeking excellence and the ultimate taste experience. Let yourself be enchanted by its perfection and elegance, and create unforgettable memories with each tasting.

Discover the quintessence of gastronomic excellence with Caviar Beluga Malossol, and embark on a journey of sublime delights and unparalleled refinement.

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Because pleasure, celebration, taste, little bubbles, and good things don't wait during your vacation.

Yacht Bar delivers your favorite Champagne and Caviar directly on board your yacht.

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