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Champagne Abelé 1757 Blanc de Blancs

Champagne Abelé 1757 Blanc de Blancs

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Champagne Abelé 1757 Blanc de Blancs:

An Elixir of Elegance with Fine and Creamy Bubbles, 100% Chardonnay.

Sublimated Maturity:

A meticulous aging of at least 3 years, symbol of the care given to every detail.

Art of Winemaking:

This brilliant Blanc de Blancs is an absolute celebration of Chardonnay, revealing an aromatic richness of rare intensity.

Balance between Freshness and Maturity:

Its balance between vibrant freshness and deep aromatic maturity makes it a wine of exceptional elegance.

Floral Dance:

The whole is revealed in an olfactory dance where the floral notes mingle harmoniously, leaving soft traces of hawthorn and mimosa in the air.

Fruity roundness:

The seductive richness of Champagne unfolds, revealing the quiet maturity of delicious fruity flavours: the sweetness of white peach, the liveliness of Granny Smith apple and the tenderness of Conference pear.

Creamy Glow:

The attack on the palate is ample and creamy, deploying a bold presence that offers a faithful interpretation of the olfactory promises.

Balanced Minerality:

After a sweet moment of tasting, a mineral hint of chalk reveals its balancing character, accentuating the structure with subtlety.

Final Fresco:

The finish, both dynamic and controlled, stretches out in harmonious length, leaving a zesty imprint of citrus, like a refreshing wink of grapefruit.

Champagne Abelé 1757 Blanc de Blancs, a poetry in bubbles, a tasting experience that transcends time and space to celebrate the art of effervescence.

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