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Château Angelus Homage to Elisabeth Bouchet 2016

Château Angelus Homage to Elisabeth Bouchet 2016

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CHÂTEAU ANGELUS Tribute to Elisabeth Bouchet 2016:

A Wine Masterpiece

We have the privilege of offering you a few copies of this unique and unpublished edition to date, CHÂTEAU ANGELUS Hommage à Elisabeth Bouchet 2016.

In the world of wine, there was a real frenzy for the rare 1,200 bottles of this production, and we were part of this exceptional adventure.

Stéphanie de Boüard shares that her father, Hubert de Boüard, has long continued the tradition of vinifying and bottling a small portion of their Cabernet Franc from old vines, with the aim of exploring its potential and unique contribution.

The plot that brought this masterpiece to life is nestled to the southwest of the estate, an area devoted to Cabernet Franc for two centuries, continuing the tradition.

A Timeless Tribute:

The maiden name of Stéphanie's grandmother, Elisabeth Bouchet, inspired this exceptional wine. “Bouchet” is the term traditionally used in Saint-Émilion to designate Cabernet Franc.

In tribute to his wife, Stéphanie's grandfather, Jacques de Boüard de Laforest, placed his trust in Cabernet Franc, which to date represents 47% of the estate's vineyard.

Lisa Perotti-Brown cheers for Robert Parker:

"That Angelus has succeeded in creating such complete and breathtaking splendor, exclusively from Cabernet Franc, is a triumph, and I dare to hope that it is not the last of its kind. A true masterpiece !”

CHÂTEAU ANGELUS Hommage à Elisabeth Bouchet 2016 embodies the quintessence of wine art, a work that honors the past while propelling the future of wine into new dimensions.

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