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Château la Grâce Dieu des Priors - Cuvée Elena - Saint-Emilion - White - 2019 - Magnum

Château la Grâce Dieu des Priors - Cuvée Elena - Saint-Emilion - White - 2019 - Magnum

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Château la Grace Dieu des Prieurs - Cuvée Elena - Saint-Emilion - White - 2019 - Magnum:

A Work of Wine Art

Discover Cuvée Elena, an exceptional Chardonnay from Château la Grâce Dieu des Prieurs, presented in a custom magnum, created by the prestigious French glassmaker Waltersperger.

Celebrated with the Gold Medal at the 2020 Global Chardonnay Masters, this intriguing wine transports you with its exquisite aromas and flavors of caramel, baked apple, honeydew melon, apricot, toast and toasted oak.

Cuvée Elena embodies a delicate approach to Chardonnay, eschewing the buttery richness often associated with this grape variety to offer a slightly oily and silky texture on the palate, accompanied by a lingering, salty, smoky and fresh finish.

This vintage reveals remarkable diligence, complexity and delicacy, even at this stage of youth.

The production of this exceptional Chardonnay involves a meticulous process, with aging in new barrels for 10 months.

To crown this artistic creation, each “Elena” Magnum is individually painted by artist Victor Kirilov, and is housed in an acrylic box that enhances the whole.

Château la Grace Dieu des Prieurs embodies the harmonious alliance of wine-growing tradition and modernity, with scrupulous respect for the natural seasonal and climatic cycles in the vineyard.

The Cuvée Elena testifies to this passion for excellence, resulting from careful cultivation of the vines and careful production.

The Saint-Émilion vineyard, recognized worldwide, produces exceptional red wines of elegance, power and longevity.

The Cuvée Elena is part of this tradition, representing the quintessence of the Saint-Émilionnais terroir.

The Cuvée Elena Chardonnay 2019 from Château la Grace Dieu des Prieurs is much more than a wine, it is a work of wine art that captures history, terroir and creativity, and which promises to flourish and reveal all its splendor over time.

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