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Chateau Lafleur Pomerol 2016

Chateau Lafleur Pomerol 2016

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Château Lafleur Pomerol 2016: The Sparkle of an Exceptional Year

Château Lafleur Pomerol 2016 embodies the quintessence of an exceptional wine-growing year in Bordeaux, revealing a wine of rare elegance and unparalleled depth.

The Year 2016: A Climate Masterpiece

The year 2016 in Bordeaux was marked by contrasting climatic conditions, with a rainy spring followed by a month of June favorable to flowering. A sunny summer propelled the vines towards optimal development, while cool nights in August and a late autumn in September promoted the perfect ripeness of the grapes.

A Dazzling and Elegant Dress

The dress of Château Lafleur Pomerol 2016 offers a dark red hue, adorned with tiled and sparkling reflections. A visual invitation to discover its deep flavors.

A Richly Perfumed Nose

The nose reveals a profusion of aromas, ranging from floral notes of violet to black fruits such as cherry and blackcurrant. Spicy hints of pepper, truffle and balsamic add intriguing complexity.

A Dance of Flavors in the Mouth

The attack on the palate is marked by delicacy, revealing a wine with a remarkable tannic structure. Flavors of red berries and spices unfold with power and complexity, evolving into a lingering, sappy finish that stretches like the tail of a peacock on parade.

Perfect Harmony with the Kitchen

Château Lafleur Pomerol 2016 is the ideal companion for refined dishes. Accompany it with a beef tournedos with truffle sauce, stuffed veal medallions, chicken balantines with morels or a rack of lamb. For cheese lovers, options such as Cantal, Old Mimolette, Morbier, Saint-Nectaire and Tomme de Savoie all go well together.

The Art of Aging

This exceptional wine has impressive aging potential. A further decade in the cellar will allow the 2016 Château Lafleur Pomerol to fully blossom, reaching its peak between 2030 and 2036. However, current tasting is also possible with careful preparation. Be sure to follow the appropriate terms of service to reveal its full glory.

Taste the magic of Château Lafleur Pomerol 2016, a captivating work of viticultural year and terroir, a tribute to exceptional winemaking expertise and the promise of a memorable taste experience.

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