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Dictador Vintage 1999 21 years old American Oak Cask

Dictador Vintage 1999 21 years old American Oak Cask

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The Dictador Millésime 1999 21 years old American Oak Cask is an exceptional rum which embodies the perfect fusion between time, know-how and the distinct qualities of aging in American oak barrels.

Distilled in 1999 and aged for 21 years, this unique rum offers a rich and nuanced sensory experience, characterized by complex and complementary notes.

A Captivating Perfume

The nose of this rum is an invitation to a captivating sensory journey. Rich, animalic aromas emanate from the glass, with distinct notes of cinnamon, sandalwood and subtle accents of leather.

These aromatic elements create an intriguing first impression that prepares to reveal its full depth during tasting.

A Harmony of Flavors

On the palate, the Dictador Millésime 1999 reveals a sweetness that evokes childhood memories, reminiscent of creamy crème brulée and Madagascar vanilla.

This sweetness is subtly contrasted by more powerful notes of black tea and roasted coffee, adding a complex and intense dimension to the whole.

The interplay between sweet and intense flavors creates a balanced and captivating taste experience.

The Controlled Transition

This rum embodies the transition between two taste worlds, between sweetness and character.

The mastery of this transition is a true feat, testifying to the talent of the master distillers behind the creation of the Dictador Millésime 1999.

This harmony between contrasting elements gives this rum a unique and memorable personality.

A Captivating Story

This Dictador rum opens the first chapter of the Dictador Capitulo range, a collection of exceptional vintage rums from Colombia, aged in barrels of different origins.

Each sip of this rum takes us on a journey through time and Colombian lands, capturing the essence of tradition and innovation that characterizes Dictador.

Dictador's Legacy

The history of this rum dates back to 1751, when Severo Arango y Ferro, nicknamed the Dictador, settled in Cartagena de Indias in Colombia to develop trade.

Today, Dictador continues this tradition of excellence with exceptional rums, such as this 1999 Vintage, which reflects the brand's rich heritage and passion for the art of aging.

Le Dictador Millésime 1999 21 years old American Oak Cask is much more than just a rum, it is a sensory experience that invites you to explore the depth of flavors, aromas and time, while celebrating the craftsmanship and history of Dictator.

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