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DICTADOR RHUM XO 40° is an exceptional rum that combines modern innovation and ancestral methods to create a rich and complex taste experience.

Distilled from virgin sugar cane honey in a stainless steel still, this rum undergoes an aging and blending process based on the Solera method, with aging in Jerez and Porto barrels having undergone different successive heating to develop sweet oak flavors.

A Perfect Balance

DICTADOR RHUM XO 40° is characterized by its harmonious balance between pronounced woody notes and remarkable finesse.

The modern steel still distillation process captures the quintessence of the ingredients, while aging and blending using the Solera method gives the rum a deep and nuanced complexity.

An Elegant Aromatic Palette

On sight, DICTADOR RHUM XO 40° reveals a captivating mahogany color.

On the nose, sweet, woody aromas mingle with notes of honey, vanilla and caramel, creating a seductive first impression. On the palate, the rum offers a long, soft and fine experience, in line with the aromas detected on the nose.

Roasted nuances and elegant woodiness complete this aromatic palette, adding a refined and complex dimension.

A Warm Finale

The tasting of DICTADOR RHUM XO 40° ends with a warm finish and a nice persistence on the palate.

The flavors develop gradually, leaving a memorable imprint on the palate.

Dictador's Legacy

The Dictador brand, founded in 1913 and an integral part of the history of Colombian rum, embodies a modern vision of spirits production. With a diverse range of ultra-premium rums and gins, Dictador is recognized internationally for its exceptional quality products and numerous awards.

A Unique Taste Experience

DICTADOR RHUM XO 40° offers a unique tasting experience that combines tradition and innovation. Each sip of this rum reveals the expertise of Dictador's master distillers and captures the very essence of the art of distillation and blending. With its elegant aromatic palette, its perfect balance and its warm finish, this rum represents an invitation to explore the subtle nuances of the world of exceptional spirits.


  • Origin: Colombia
  • Type: Amber Rum
  • Capacity: 70 cl
  • Alcohol content: 40%
  • Color: Mahogany

DICTADOR RHUM XO 40° embodies the subtle marriage between tradition and innovation, offering a captivating and memorable tasting experience for the most demanding rum lovers.

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