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DOM PERIGNON Vintage 2012

DOM PERIGNON Vintage 2012

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Despite the unpredictable weather conditions of 2012, the Dom Pérignon vineyards produced remarkable grapes.

A combination of several delicate, fresh Chardonnays and Pinot Noir with firm, fruity tannins, this vintage champagne has very good aging potential.


A Subtle Balance

This champagne is made from grape varieties with very different styles, which allows it to combine complex acidity with rounded maturity.

This unexpected marriage between contrasting characteristics pleasantly surprises the taster.

Tasting Notes

Floral, Fresh and Grilled Nose

On the nose, captivating aromas of powdery white flowers mingle with notes of ripe apricot, fresh rhubarb and mint.

An ashy minerality and a touch of white pepper add complexity to this olfactory symphony.

Explosive and Nuanced Mouth

On the palate, the Champagne DOM PÉRIGNON Vintage 2012 offers a soft attack which quickly transforms into a lively effervescence.

The acidity and bitterness are very present, creating a dynamic and stimulating texture.

The finish is marked by a penetrating tension, where notes of ginger, tobacco and toast unfold elegantly.

Vincent Chaperon, Cellar Master

This vintage was supervised by Vincent Chaperon, Cellar Master at Dom Pérignon. His expertise and passion for the art of blending are reflected in every sip of this exceptional champagne.

Food & Wine Pairings

The DOM PÉRIGNON Vintage 2012 Champagne goes perfectly with fresh and bitter flavors.

  • Hors d'Œuvre : Pair with freshly shucked oysters, julienned cucumbers and kaffir lime zest for a burst of harmonious flavors.

  • Starter : It pairs deliciously with roast guinea fowl, its crispy skin and a coffee and yuzu sauce, creating a subtle balance between the bold aromas of champagne and the complex notes of the dish.

  • Dessert : For dessert, a plum and custard tart will end the meal in style, with flavors that complement each other elegantly.

The DOM PÉRIGNON Vintage 2012 Champagne, presented in a 75 cl format, embodies the expertise and refinement of the Dom Pérignon House.

Its unique character and harmonious pairings make it an ideal choice for celebrating special moments and savoring unforgettable taste experiences.

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