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GUILLON Champagne finish

GUILLON Champagne finish

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The GUILLON Champagne Finish is an exceptional taste experience that stands out for its unique characteristics.

Here is a tasting note that captures the key elements of this malt:

GUILLON Champagne Finish - Tasting Note

  • Color: The color of the GUILLON Finition Champagne is presented in a fairly dark shade, possibly evoking rich and deep shades.

  • Nose: On the nose, this expression offers a fine and floral profile. Delicate, floral aromas can evoke notes of flowers, petals, or subtle floral scents that add an elegant, fragrant touch to the olfactory experience.

  • Mouth: The first impression on the palate is a frank and lively attack, which can bring a feeling of dynamism from the first sip. This initial liveliness then evolves towards a fine and nervous character, which can indicate a complex and nuanced palette of flavors. The presence of this nervousness can add a certain dimension and intensity to the tasting experience.

  • Length in the Mouth: The GUILLON Finish Champagne is distinguished by its good length in the mouth. This means that lingering flavors and sensations continue to develop after the initial tasting, leaving a memorable and enjoyable imprint.

  • Exceptional in the Malt World: This expression is described as exceptional in the malt world, which suggests that it offers a unique and distinctive experience compared to other whiskeys. This may come from its finishing in champagne barrels, which brings special complexity and depth.

In short, GUILLON Finition Champagne is a tasting experience that combines fine, floral and lively elements with a remarkable length in the mouth.

This combination of characteristics sets it apart, offering a distinctive and memorable taste experience, ideal for whiskey lovers looking for an exceptional experience.

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