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P'TIT BLEU - Pastis de Marseille - Magnum

P'TIT BLEU - Pastis de Marseille - Magnum

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MAGNUM P'TIT BLEU: The Blue Aperitif in Large Format

Discover the Magnum P'tit Bleu, the true star of "bleutiful" aperitifs!

Inspired by the bewitching blue skies of Provence and the Mediterranean, this unique aperitif is meticulously crafted through macerations of green anise, star anise and licorice, providing an experience that is both refreshing and rich in flavor.

Perfect Recipe: Cascading Freshness

To fully enjoy the Magnum P'tit Bleu, pour 10 volumes of fresh water into a glass, add a cascade of ice cubes and watch the magic happen.

The liquid comes to life in a captivating emerald blue hue, evoking the sparkling skies of Provence, the Mediterranean and the vibrant colors of Marseille.

A Refreshing Classic

Magnum P'tit Bleu skilfully combines liquorice and anise to create a pastis with a classic taste, while bringing an unparalleled touch of freshness.

Each sip instantly transports you to the sunny atmosphere of Provence, awakening your taste buds with its subtle balance of flavors.

An Aperitif Full of Character

With an alcohol content of 45%, the Magnum P'tit Bleu is an aperitif that does not lack character.

Its pronounced taste and finesse make it an ideal choice for lovers of authentic drinks rich in aromas.

A Unique Experience to Share

The Magnum P'tit Bleu goes far beyond being a simple aperitif, it embodies an invitation to share moments of conviviality with your loved ones.

Its captivating bluish hue and bewitching taste make it a real treat to savor during your evenings with friends or family.

Celebrate the art of the aperitif with the Magnum P'tit Bleu, the blue pastis that will delight your taste buds and light up your evenings.

Order now and dive into a unique aperitif experience.

Magnum format: 1.5 L

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