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The Rum Dictador 1998 Parrafo Pardo is an exceptional expression of rum that has been aged for 24 years in barrels of Bourbon and Port, giving it a remarkable depth and aromatic richness.

It comes from the Parrafo range of the Dictador brand, originally from Colombia.

Characteristics of Rum Dictador 1998 Parrafo Pardo:

  • Origin: Colombia
  • Range: Parrafo
  • Vintage: 1998
  • Degree of alcohol: 43% vol.
  • Size: 70cl

Tasting Notes:

This rum offers a complex and refined taste experience. The 24 years of aging in Bourbon and Port barrels have allowed the rum to develop a palette of distinctive aromas and flavors.

You can expect intense, ripe fruit notes, with subtle sweetness from the Port and delicate oak notes from the Bourbon oak.

The aromas of orange zest and clove add a spicy and invigorating dimension to the whole.

Usage and Agreements:

The Rum Dictador 1998 Parrafo Pardo is ideal to be enjoyed pure, in slow tasting, to fully savor its complexity.

It can also be used to prepare high-end cocktails that will highlight its unique aromatic characteristics.

In terms of food and drink pairings, this rum pairs well with fine chocolates, rich desserts and aged cheeses.

It can also be enjoyed after a good meal as a digestive.

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