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MASUIZUMI x HENRI GIRAUD 2017 Sake is an exceptional gem that combines the expertise of Japanese sake from MASUIZUMI with the know-how in oak barrels from the Argonne forest of the Henri Giraud Champagne estate.

Characteristics of MASUIZUMI x HENRI GIRAUD Sake 2017:

  • Year: 2017
  • Aging: Aged in oak barrels from the Argonne forest, which brings unique woody and toasted notes to the sake.
  • First Mouth: From the first sip, you will be greeted by toasted notes coming from aging in oak barrels. The complexity of this first taste invites you to a captivating taste experience.
  • Length: The sake has a very nice length on the palate, characterized by a watery texture specific to sake, which blends harmoniously with the woody notes of oak and a balanced acidity.
  • Food & Sake Pairing: This MASUIZUMI x HENRI GIRAUD 2017 Sake is a real gem to enjoy as an accompaniment to meat dishes. It goes perfectly with dishes such as Iberian pork and duck with orange.

This unique collaboration between MASUIZUMI and Henri Giraud gave birth to an exceptional sake that combines the art of Japanese sake with the elegance of aging in French oak barrels.

The toasted notes, the beautiful length and the balanced acidity make this MASUIZUMI x HENRI GIRAUD 2017 Sake an ideal choice for enhancing refined meat dishes and for exploring new taste dimensions.

Savor this masterpiece of collaboration between two cultures and areas of expertise, and let yourself be carried away by its unique flavors and sensory complexity.

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Because pleasure, celebration, taste, little bubbles, and good things don't wait during your vacation.

Yacht Bar delivers your favorite Champagne and Caviar directly on board your yacht.

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