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Rosé Wine Clos du Temple 2020 - Voted Best Rosé in the World

The Rosé Wine Cuvée "Clos du Temple 2020" by Gérard Bertrand is much more than a simple wine, it is a work of excellence that has conquered the wine world.

Let's discover together this masterpiece which was crowned the title of Best Rosé in the World in 2020 at the Global Rosé Masters of the Drinks Business:

  • Terroir d'Exception: Originally from the Languedoc Cabrières region, in the South of France, the Clos du Temple 2020 comes from an exceptional terroir which gives this wine a unique personality and unparalleled depth.

  • Consecration to the Global Rosé Masters: The title of Best Rosé in the World at the Global Rosé Masters of the Drinks Business is a resounding recognition of the excellence of this wine. This prestigious distinction bears witness to the mastery of Gérard Bertrand and his team in the art of making rosé.

  • Harmony of Flavors: The aromas of apricot, white peach, rose and green pepper mingle in a sensory dance that awakens the senses. On the palate, balance is key, with breadth and length that leave an unforgettable impression.

  • Freshness and Minerality: The crystalline freshness and minerality of Clos du Temple 2020 make it lively and vibrant. Each sip is a walk through the terroir, an immersion in the subtle nuances of the region.

  • Commitment to Quality: Le Clos du Temple 2020 is certified Organic Agriculture and Demeter, testifying to Gérard Bertrand's commitment to practices that respect the environment and the terroir.

  • Elegance and Depth: Aging for 6 months in new French oak barrels gives a touch of elegance and depth to this exceptional wine. The flavors are enriched and sublimated, offering a taste experience of rare intensity.

The 2020 Clos du Temple Rosé Wine is much more than a drink, it is a liquid work of art that tells the story of terroir, passion and dedication. Each sip is a celebration of taste, an invitation to explore the complexity and richness of this exceptional wine.

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