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Vodka Beluga Allure: A Noble and Distinct Vodka

Vodka Beluga Allure is much more than a simple vodka, it is a refined and elegant creation that celebrates the art of innovation while respecting traditions.

Discover this limited edition that honors the Beluga polo team and embodies the very essence of sophistication:

  • Noble Russian Vodka: Vodka Beluga Allure is a true ambassador of Russian excellence. It embodies the nobility and authenticity of the Russian vodka tradition, while adding a modern and distinctive touch.

  • Elegant Limited Edition: Presented in a limited edition, the bottle and box of Vodka Beluga Allure are covered in genuine brown leather, stamped with fine gold. This luxurious dressing is a testament to the attention to detail and commitment to aesthetics.

  • Exclusive recipe: To create the perfect balance between innovation and classicism, Beluga has developed an exclusive recipe. This vodka is made from malt brandy, enriched with maple syrup and fig extract, creating a unique and memorable taste experience.

  • Distinct Maturation: Beluga Allure Vodka is matured for 60 days, a process that allows flavors and aromas to fully develop, providing a more complex and refined experience.

  • Tribute to Polo Beluga: This limited edition is made in honor of the Beluga polo team, adding a dimension of prestige and passion to this already exceptional vodka.

Vodka Beluga Allure is an invitation to discover the perfect fusion between tradition and innovation. Each sip is a sensory experience that captures the essence of Russia and celebrates the art of creation. It is a vodka that embodies elegance, quality and exclusivity, an authentic expression of Beluga's know-how.

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